Since I was young, I’ve always admired people that can sleep for hours on end.

I am thrilled when I can sleep a full eight hours.

My favorite sleeping position is on my left side, neck aligned with the body, pillow between the knees. I adopted this position after my chiropractor explained its physiological benefits.

Side sleeping has been found to have an impact on regenerative body processes such as brain cleansing, slowing down a process that could contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps digestion and takes stress off the heart. …

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Note to the reader: English is my second language. Every day, the language rules of usage change. As much as attempt to be careful, please bear in mind that I live in Puerto Rico, speak Spanish on a daily basis and mean no offense if I make such a mistake as I genuinely speak from the heart. Therefore, if in any way I use any word in an inappropriate manner, I apologize in advance. Compassion goes a long way. Namaste.

I was born to a wonderful father with a severe physical impairment that made him depend on a wheelchair for…


El 10 de septiembre de 2020, mi entrañable amigo Carlos falleció repentinamente de un infarto cardiaco. Apasionado agricultor, bajo el calor del mediodía, arduamente labraba la tierra de una remota finca localizada en las montañas del Barrio Tetuán de Utuado.

Al igual que en muchas partes del mundo, los propietarios de fincas en Puerto Rico las bautizan con nombres memorables.

A sobre 2000 pies de altura se encuentran Los Portones de San Pedro, la finca donde Carlos falleció el lunes 10 de septiembre del 2020.

Cumpleaños 2017, a mitad de tratamiento

Carlos fue un amigo incondicional. Una persona que siempre tenía una sonrisa…

How #lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic brought out the shadow archetype in those that you least suspected it from.

I have an intelligent, successful ex-friend who is a talented litigator. Self-made, his tenacity allowed him to pull himself from the bootstraps into the practice of law. We had been friends and colleagues for over 15 years, respecting each other in a professional and personal level.

Every time I greeted him over the phone, when I asked how he was doing, he had the bad habit of answering: “Screwed. With a lot of work and little money.”
I consistently replied: “On these days of Pandemic and lockdown, at least you have work and money.”

For the fifteen years I have…

Cuando un asunto de interés público te toca la fibra en más de un aspecto cercano a tu ser, no hay piedra que debes dejar sin descubrir para llegar hasta el fondo de los motivos para tal mezquindad.

El caso de la tala de árboles y palmas por parte del Departamento de Recreación y Deportes con el aval del Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales, denunciado en los medios y redes sociales esta semana pasada, causó gran indignación en nuestro pueblo.


Cerro Gordo ocupa un lugar especial en mi corazón.

Allí tuve la dicha…


His dad and I separated in January of 2007.

He was 9.

For more than a decade, his father barely looked him up.

Unbeknownst to all, His dad’s indifference caused Him unfathomable wounds.

He pretended everything was cool.

He was the funniest, most personable and popular kid at school.

Then one day, His 8th grade graduation came around.

I didn’t know how to tie His tie.

Elegantly dressed up in the middle of the day, we both went up and down the street.

We needed to find anyone that could tie…

Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash

Outside the professional arena, I have no qualms about admitting my vulnerabilities.

For weeks now, I have been a fierce critic of Puerto Rico governor Wanda Vazquez’s tyrannical, arbitrary lockdown measures that persist to this day absent scientific grounds therefor.

The prohibitions contained in her executive orders have been in place way more than necessary; the unconstitutional deprivations of civil rights that they entail have perpetrated upon me life-threatening mental anguish and irreparable physical damages, taking a devastating toll on my body and spirit.

Since March 16, gyms in Puerto Rico shut down along with the rest of commercial establishments…

Despite Puerto Rico’s corruption woes and a location in the path of hurricane alley that every year anages to trigger the PTSD Hurricane Maria lodged in our minds, my repeated attempts to relocate to the mainland have never prospered.

There’s a reason for it: there‘s no place like Puerto Rico in the entire world.

Sunset Surfing at Wishing Wells Beach, Punta Borinquen, Aguadilla, Puerto RIco

My opinion may be a tad biased. I was born and raised in the island.

Nonetheless, my opinion also relies on experience.

My college and graduate school years allowed me to live in fantastic, yet radically contrasting places. The lessons I learned outside the classrooms of…

“Será política pública del Estado Libre Asociado la más eficaz conservación de sus recursos naturales, así́ como el mayor desarrollo y aprovechamiento de los mismos para el beneficio general de la comunidad…”

— Constitución del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico

Si de pronto le sorprende una construcción en una área usted entiende debe estar ambientalmente protegida, o ve el comienzo de movimiento de tierra en un proyecto que entendía había sido archivado por fundamentos ambientales, ni se moleste en hacer una querella.

La Oficina de Gerencia de Permisos está aprobando permisos sin que parte interesada alguna o interventor de récord previo haya sido notificado.

Es probable además que el permiso haya sido aprobado sin la documentación que acredita que se realizó evaluación ambiental alguna, irrespectivo de la magnitud o impacto ambiental del mismo. …

Today marks the fourth day of the most undemocratic, government-imposed 24/7 curfew/quarantine on the people of Puerto Rico.

On Sunday, March 15th, Puerto Rico’s governor, Wanda Vazquez Garced, issued an Executive Order whereby until at least March 30th, everyone within the United States’ territory must stay inside their homes 24/7 except for any need to venture out to obtain “essential services or articles” such as food or medicines. …

Ana Toledo

Puerto Rican warrior & survivor; fighting for equal environmental rights, one pipe at a time”. “Mi nada, a nadie se lo debo.” Julia de Burgos.

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