Allie: Your advice on getting places on time may contain some solutions that I have needed for quite some time.

Being late on a chronic basis made me ponder on the root of my difficulty with punctuality.

I came across an article on ADHD, and found out why it was so hard for me to control this personality trait.

“Time management is a big problem for people with ADHD. Everyone is late on occasion, but many with ADHD run behind schedule more often than not..”

Realizing that there was a direct correlation between my consistent ‘belatedness’ going everywhere — from family reunions to business meetings — and ADHD was a lifesaver. Discovering the root of the problem made it easier for me to tackle the habit because I started treating it as a symptom of a condition instead of a character flaw.

Being on time is still a work in progress for me.

I am succeeding at arriving on the dot in least 90% of occasions.

However, getting places 15 minutes before the scheduled time has proved to be very challenging.

I will implement your advice and hope to come back to report that I have been able to call myself a punctual person.


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