I am sorry my heartfelt message could not get through to you. Those of us that live in Puerto Rico know that no one will ever know for sure the real amount of deaths directly or indirectly attributable to the storm.

Many of us who lived through Maria got to go to funeral homes where the corpses were stacked for weeks on top of each other in refrigerators. Funerals took days or weeks because families had to take turns using the cramped, small-town funeral home facilities to honor their dead.The forensics institute carried out massive incineration of corpses.

Most of these events went unreported in mainstream media.

Hurricane Maria was the most devastating natural phonomenon for which many emergency protocols that turned out to be necessary did not even exist. One of them was a reliable method of accounting the deaths attributable to the storm.

Arguing about minutiae as to whether the 4,645 is an exact number or an average between the lowest and highest number is an excercise in futility I will not indulge you in. The death toll from the hurricane continues to rise on an everyday basis.

You did not seem to understand either that I do not care about criticizing any side on the controversy. What matters is the Puerto Rico government’s responsibility to concentrate on making sure not a single additional preventable death occurs. Something that is not happening.


Puerto Rican mother, attorney, warrior & survivor; fighting for equal environmental rights, one pipe at a time”. “Mi nada, a nadie se lo debo.” Julia de Burgos.

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