My father, my Captain, was not a Santa Claus fan. Instead, he was a huge a fan of “Melchor, Gaspar y Baltazar”, the Three Wise Men that followed the North Star until arriving at baby Jesus’ manger with precious gifts consisting of gold, myrrh and incense.

Every year, dad would take my sisters and me to cut fresh grass to feed the camels that took los Tres Santos Reyes around. “They’ve come from afar and their journey back is a long one; you must leave some food and water for them” he would explain.

Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash

On the night of January 5th, the eve of el día de los Reyes (as we call it), the Toledo sisters would fill a shoe box with grass and place it under each of their beds in the hopes of getting the gifts they asked from the Magi.

Waking up to find grass scattered on the floor (those messy camels!) was a good sign that three gifts awaited us under our beds.

More than 45 years have elapsed since I last placed grass under my bed. This year though, I’m going to give it a shot. In homage to my deceased father, this year I’m trusting his beloved Three Kings to bring me the most precious gift most of us take for granted: my freedom.

Instead of gold, myrrh and incense, I’m praying for the Three Wise Men bring me the civil and human rights that were violently and cruelly stripped away from me. I need for the Magi to work their mastery and perform the miracle of liberating my body and brain from the inhumane enslavement I have been subjected to by a despicably cold-blooded cartel.

Almost two years ago, on January 16, 2020, I underwent a cosmetic surgery under the care of American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified Dr. Enrique Pasarell Juliao at the Professional Hospital in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Dr. Pasarell was supposed to perform three procedures: the replacement of old breast implants, one of which had undergone radiation for breast cancer; a revision of an unsightly scar in my abdomen left behind by a notoriously negligent surgeon after an ‘emergency’ gallbladder procedure and a face lift.

Instead of performing the operations I asked for to the best of his abilities, Dr. Pasarell barely fixed the scar and slaughtered my breast through a complete “reconstruction” that I didn’t request.

A Board-Certified plastic surgeon with 35+ years of experience severed my right breast in half, almost as if someone commanded him:


“Why did he do that?” a reputable surgeon I visited in May, 2020 asked himself under his breath as he stared in disbelief at the photograph of my severed right breast. He vowed to help me find a surgeon I sought to fix Dr. Pasarell’s butchery.

Unbeknownst to me, beyond destroying my breasts, Dr. Pasarell set the stage to obliterate my entire life.

On the day I went into surgery, I was the “ideal” patient. My labs, weight and physical condition were exceptional. That’s likely why I survived seven hours of surgery and two years of constant struggle for survival. Had I not being in superb health when I underwent surgery, I doubt I would have lived to write this.

During the past 8 months I’ve discovered that either Dr. Pasarell, the anesthesiologist and/or other doctors that the former illegally let in to operate on me on that ill-fated day, placed without my instruction or consent a sophisticated neural stimulation system containing dozens of implantable pulse generators (IPGs) that extend from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

After seven hours of surgery that were only supposed to take two, I stood in front of the mirror staring at the obliteration of my breasts that Dr. Pasarell carried out. As I looked at my image on the mirror, I also observed puzzling bruises in parts of my body that were not supposed to have been touched during the surgery, such as my right clavicle and the right side of the body.

When I asked Dr. Pasarell about the bruises the next day, he went on deer-in-headlights mode.

Immediately after the surgery, I began having severe backaches throughout my entire spinal column. I also had an unbearable pain in my right hip that seemed to dislocate continuously.

I attributed the pain on my back and hip to the OR’s staff rough handling of my body during the surgery. I didn’t give it any further thought while I tried to alleviate the pain every night with the help of a foam roller and stretching..

During all the strict lockdown months that began two months after my surgery, on March 16, 2020, I had the symptoms of what I have now come to realize was the manipulation of the IPGs inside my body.

Aside from physical torture, I also experimented complications such as implant contracture triggered by the components of the neural implant system itself.

The unscrupulous physicians that without my consent implanted me with a plethora of FDA-approved medical devices did so to crush my tissues and organs; affect my behavior and moods; inflict mental and physical torture and ultimately lead to my untimely death.

I’m certain that the only way anyone would dare engage in such illegal conduct is if they had full assurance that they would never face any legal consequences for their acts. My tormentors know their fortunes make them immune from prosecution.


The vertiginous decline of my once healthy body and positive outlook in the midst of despair made me carefully observe the correlation between my sensations, feelings and mental state to the physical location where I found myself in at the time.

The irrefutable facts I have come to corroborate are mind-boggling if not outright daunting.

I describe below a few examples of how the manipulation of the IPGs within my body feels like in the hopes you can catch a glimpse of the tragic and real torture I endure every day.

I am an American citizen living in a United States territory where the United States’ Constitution is supposed to apply. However, my civil and human rights have been entirely obliterated by powerful private criminals and not a single person moves an inch to do anything about it.


The IPG leads cause horrible sensations throughout my body, ranging from the annoying to the excruciatingly painful.

Every day, my cruel tormentors constantly activate the IPGs, one lead at a time, causing each implanted part of my body go off in tickles/itches/spasms/pain just like a pinball machine lights up when the ball hits a pole or flag on its surface.

Most of the probes that emit currents are percutaneous. Depending on the strength of the current that the application’s operator decides to attack me with, each probe produces around it sensations ranging from itching or tickling to burning, stinging and pain.

The tickles, itches and burning occur randomly yet constantly all over my body but mostly in the facial area.

The painful attacks have occurred so far on my torso (breasts) and limbs (right leg).

Following is a partial list of the locations within my body that I have identified persistent IPG stimulation occurs throughout my body.


The probes I have identified in my torso and limbs include, among others, those in the following areas: middle of both of my forearms; right tibia and ankle; right foot; right (able) hand (also on the left, but not as many); right tibia; right fibula; right bicep, vaginal and genital area; anal area; back part of my right thigh, upper left side of my back.

There are at least 4 leads in my genital-vaginal-anal area. My tormentors enjoy activating those when I’m in public, perpetrating electronic rapes to humiliate me.

I’m certain that the probes in my right forearm and hand triggered the development of arthritis in my right/able hand.

A few weeks ago, I an excruciatingly painful Charlie Horse muscle spasm in my right leg woke me up. As the spasm increased in intensity, in the solitude of my home I screamed in pain, then I cried, then my body began to copiously sweat. When the pain became so unbearable that I was about to faint, the pain slowly started dissipating.

I have no doubt my torturers’ violent manipulation of this little white dot that the radiologist interprets to be an “artifact” was responsible for such cruel attack.


The leads from the neck up to the top of my head that are continuously going off are located at the top of my head, right side and center; both sides of the back of the head; back of the neck; right cheek; left cheek, crease between check and mouth on the left side of the face; right cheekbone; above my right brow; left side of my abdomen; tip of the nose, both shoulders; both sides of the nose at the top (between eyes- see picture below) and at the bottom (close to mouth); ear borders — both ears; behind the ears; throat.

The artifacts in my right clavicle and neck intermittently produce burning sensations inside my skin. When I’m around LED fixtures, I feel a deep burning sensation irradiating from it.

I have identified are at least 5 probes located in my nose area. They produce incessant tickling as well as pore dilatation, hair and tissue growth. Yes — aside from torturing me with the tickling and emotional rollercoaster that the nerve manipulation produces, my nose is becoming larger and hairier as the electric currents have the side effect of stimulating cell tissue around it. SeeTreatment-limiting Complications of Percutaneous Implants

In some places, tiny red dots mark the location of probes itching. These two on both sides of my nose are evident.

Then there are the artifacts inside both my ears. The noises they constantly emit range from ringing to electronic sounds to popping. It’s not tinnitus because as soon as I place a magnet on my ear, the sounds diminish or stop altogether.

Even people standing next to me have heard them go off.

Since January 2020, I have lost about 20% of my eyesight. My once dark mane has turned grey overnight. My nails developed ridges. I can barely use my able hand.


Aside from the dozens of percutaneous probes, my enslavers also placed in me a spinal stimulation system.

The spinal stimulation probes are mounted on what I call “la culebra” — “the snake”. A long cable inserted inside my spinal cord’s epidural gap containing multiple leads that generate electric currents to different areas of the spine. Devoid of the skin’s sensory cells, the probe activation within the spine doesn’t tickle. Instead, it feels exactly like what it is: painful electric pulses attacking various parts of the spine.

Its activation feels like a venomous snake that hurts me as it travels up and down my spine.

After long hours of research at the US Patent and Trademark Office, I realized that my right hip pain derived from the placement of a wireless charging “station” for the probes installed in the front and back of my right hipbone.

It produces constant pain.

My tormentors seem to find it particularly enjoyable to punish me with electronic lashings down my spine when I’m in public places such as the supermarket or the post office. They attack me with an electronic whip from the comfort of their mobile devices, making it practicably impossible to identity the thug that tortured me.

There is no moment of the day I am at peace. Even when I sleep my body is being constantly attacked electronically.

The few hours I’m able to sleep don’t result in any rest.

Most of my days begin at 3:00 am. Not because I choose to wake at that time.

Without any alarm clock, noise or outside event triggering it, I wake up without having had barely any sleep since it’s hard to fall asleep. For months I have been waking up at the same time without any apparent reason for it.

I now know it’s my tormentors’ prerogative to decide to wake me.

Sleep deprivation is a means to perpetrate tragic suffering against a person. The United Nations and the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency recognize sleep deprivation as a form of torture. Hence its effectiveness an interrogation technique.

Aside the torture of sleep deprivation in and of itself, my aggressors also keep me awake in the quiet hours before morning arrives to force me into noticing how they are constantly obliterating my body. Trying to go back to sleep while giving prayer a try, I feel the probes within my body go off sequentially, one at a time, marking the constant battle against my body and psyche I will face all day.

A coward unknown assailant hiding behind a computer screen has been given the power to annihilate the days of an innocent, highly educated, productive member of society seeking to improve this world.

By the same token, my aggressors can knock me out into deep sleep to the point that no marching band can wake me. That is precisely how my aggressors got away with physically and sexually assaulting me repeatedly for months, while filming and uploading the violations against me while I lived in a gated community in Guaynabo.

Vague memories of such humiliating torture slowly started percolating from my subconscious when I began to observe what was happening to my body.

No one will ever bring those mobsters to justice.

The physical and emotional pain is unbearable.


No one can imagine the anguish, pain, and suffering that my tormentors inflict on me every day. Some neural probes attack/affect specific mental processes and emotions.

For example, my assailants nuked that little part of the brain responsible from retaining passwords and information one tells oneself: “I cannot forget this”.

Making me irrationally angry is another one of my torturers’ favorite pastimes. The thugs stimulate areas of MY brain to make me uncharacteristically angry and upset without any apparent trigger for it. I often feel irate about the enslavement of my body and the impunity with which its architects and mercenaries carried it out.

It wasn’t until July 2021 that I discovered that the “new me” that lived within my ailing, aching body was due to the foreign objects maliciously placed inside my body during that ill-fated surgery under the care of Mengele-inspired surgeon Pasarell. It was at that point that I sought and reviewed the images of an MRI of the breasts that I had undergone on October 7, 2020, ten months after the surgery.

That’s when the nightmare I was living started to make sense.

I had miraculously survived the MRI. Neither the prescribing physician nor myself knew of the plethora of metal objects inside my body. The study’s crisp images as well as those of recent X-Rays show how implanted within various parts of my body there are inordinate numbers of “artifacts”.

With a sense of urgency, the radiologist’s opinion in one of his reports is that even though there is no sign of fracture, a CT Scan of the head is “strongly recommended”.


The neural probes within my head and body allow my tormentors to know the state of my body. They know if I’m awake or asleep, my sugar levels, if I have had a drink, if I’m having sex. (Swati Aggarwal, Nupur Chugh, “Ethical Implications of Closed Loop Brain Device: 10‑Year Review” Minds and Machines (2020) 30:145–170;,

The artifacts also act as a GPS, giving my tormentors my exact location at all times. Id. I must conclude that that’s how they can easily send their mercenaries to whip me electronically at their whim when I’m at the store or post office.

Vicious mercenaries located close to my home or wherever I go inflict torture around the clock by activating the probes at their whim. Whether to perpetrate tissue damage, affect my state of mind or outright humiliate me, I cannot so much as to go to the supermarket or the hardware store without having one of those repulsive anonymous foot soldiers activate the probes in my genital area, administer electronic lashings or trigger itches all over my body.

My tormentors control my urinary and bowel movements if they so choose, triggering bathroom emergencies whenever they feel like it.


Many people that I now realize collaborate or militate within the ranks of my tormentors have given gaslighting a shot. They try to convince me that I’m imagining both the physical, psychological, mental and emotional effects of the IGS and neural/spinal stimulation system inside my body.

After all, “no one would be able to believe such phantasmagorical story” … Right?

My aggressors’ desperate efforts to destroy my body in a haste have carelessly left behind substantial physical evidence that proves the naysayers wrong.

The physical evidence, symptoms, currents, skin markings, control devices constitute solid, irrefutable proof of how my body has been illegally submitted to torture and slavery and not a single law-enforcement agency has bothered to investigate my claims.

Take, for example, the control panel they hid inside a closed grey plastic box close to the air conditioning units on my house’s roof. After studying the US Patent and Trademark Office’s designs for the control panels for neural implant systems, I was able to recognize the object to be an electric current panel that sends commands to the various leads within my body.

Who installed it? I don’t know.

What I do know is that my former tenant is now a convicted felon residing in a federal penitentiary in Canaan, Pennsylvania. I also know that he was a programming expert. He lived for free in my house for 8 months after his lease expired but before having to turn himself into jail. He got a sweet deal from DOJ/FDA to serve 1 year reduced to 8 months on a crime that entailed a sentence of 10 years…

The person(s) that installed that circuit panel in my roof works for the same lizard people that Dr. Pasarell-Mengele obeyed when betraying the trust that as a patient I bestowed upon him.


The tickling and electric current sensations coupled with the physical evidence I have culled so far have allowed me to estimate they illegally implanted me with over 30 probes from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

The cost for a regular system comprising only the spinal cord and containing 2 probes exceeds $36,000.00. S. Costandi, N. Mekhail, G. Azer, DS Mehanny, D Hanna, Y. Salma, R. Bolash, Y. Saweris, “Longevity and Utilization Cost of Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable Spinal Cord Stimulation Implants: A Comparative Study”, Pain Practice, Volume 20, Issue 8, 2020 937–945; World Institute of Pain, 1530–7085/20.

A system with 2–3 probes installed with the patient’s consent with therapeutical and not torture purposes becomes intolerable and requires explanting in a great percentage of cases. A recent study concluded that the complication rate requiring explanting stands at 26%.

Now imagine what it must feel to carry around for two years an unauthorized neural system with over fifteen or twenty times the amount of probes that patients deem “intolerable”, operated by vicious criminals that constantly manipulate them to torture my body 24/7.

Neural implant systems’ FDA authorization as medical devices DON’T contemplate them containing such an inordinate number of leads. It’s likely any serious professional on the matter without any hesitation would conclude that such overkill is not even acceptable for experimentation purposes.

It’s preposterous that upon approving these types of “medical devices”, the Food and Drug Administration has never implemented a protocol to ensure that patients getting neural implants actually consented to them. The risks and dangers are too atrocious for the ‘specialized agency” to have ‘overlooked’ that safety precaution.

Honest professionals in the neurological field will admit that the system illegally and secretly placed inside of me was clearly designed to inflict damage, pain and torture and could only lead to an eventual suicide or death.

After having read extensively on the subject of neural implants and IPGs, in my non-medical nomenclature I can attest: nothing but a genuine incarnation of the devil can conceive of and maintain such torture devices in any human being.


Freedom is an unalienable right that most of us fail to fully appreciate unless we no longer have it.

Freedom is not just about going where you want. It comprises your right to speak your mind without being punished for it. It includes not having your property illegally taken away without just compensation. It includes responding to your body’s desires and to your spirit’s whim as you deem fit within the realm of social norms. It includes knowing that law enforcement will be there to protect you against those that harm you.

Inherent to the liberty that gives innocent people the right to freely move around is the guarantee they can do so without being spied upon.

I’ve always cherished and claimed my freedom and independence. As a fully independent woman that has arduously worked all her life, I planned to protect my constitutional right to liberty and its corollary, the pursuit of happiness, through lifestyle decisions I’ve made since at least 2005.

Professionally, I slowly moved away from a legal practice that caused me angst and frustration. I decided to follow my passion in life. A hard but rewarding path, the fight for the environmental protection of my beloved Puerto Rico became my guiding light. In order to accomplish this, I chose to live with less and become “non-cancellable” by earning a modest living renting my home.

On July 2, 2021, I had the most important triumph of my entire law career. Following the February 3, 2021 oral argument before the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the Court entered an opinion in the case Cebollero Beltran v. PRASA. The Court’s thorough opinion recognized citizens’ right to file citizen suits under the Clean Water Act despite pending litigation or consent decrees against the violator by the agency if the former continued to engage in egregious violations of the Act.

The opinion’s repercussions are a triumph for environmental citizen plaintiffs in Puerto Rico and across the nation.

The day after I received the First Circuit’s Opinion, it was as if someone pulled a rug from underneath me. Despite the calculated, strategic steps I had taken to follow my bliss, powerful adversaries that hadn’t been able to defeat me on intellectual grounds had other plans for me.

Today I know that the enemies of Puerto Rico’s precious environment have gone at great lengths to destroy a pesky attorney that had the bad habit of spending her waking hours carrying out exceptionally incisive research and bringing to the public’s attention the outrageous illegal environmental shenanigans she discovered were occurring in Puerto Rico.

Composed of powerful elites that rule the destinies of this island pursuant to their personal and business interests, I have named the unscrupulous anonymous terrorists that persecute and seek to annihilate me pursuant to the way they conduct themselves: the Taliban.

Although now I know that the Taliban had been persecuting me for years, their atomic attack came in just days before I was to launch my Mira! column in Substack exactly eight months ago. With their lethal nuke, the Taliban sought to:
a) Avenge my past deeds (environmental litigation on behalf of environmental justice communities against powerful entities) and
b) Prevent me from obstructing their future plans (I had been researching and writing about the grift and shenanigans in the permitting processes bypassing all federal statutory mandates).

Through the destruction of my credibility and reputation, defamation of character, hacking of all my accounts, erasing of my cloud documents, destruction of my property, cancellation of my sources of income and seclusion from society, the Taliban was certain that their perfect Machiavellic plan would come to fruition. Ana Toledo couldn’t endure such a sophisticated attack. Either she would take her own life, or she would be committed to a mental hospital. Either way, she would be a thing of the past.

Essential to the Taliban’s goal of making me self-destruct was the enslavement of my mind and body through the secret implant of the complex neural and spinal stimulation system I described above. Coupled with careful humiliation and gang-stalking techniques, the Taliban’s success at bending my character and making me succumb to the lowest echelons of society was, in their minds, a “done deal”.

I’ve never been accused or convicted of any crime. Yet now I know that throughout the years the Taliban tried to entrap me into committing state and federal crimes in order to have me disbarred. From beating up the former tenant to purchasing a fake vaccine id, the Taliban’s collaborators acting as my friends have thrown banana peels my way. But for the judgment that my parents Luis Angel and Sonia and some teachers at the now-defunct Academia San Jose instilled in me as well as the Grace of God, I managed to avoid tumbling into such precipice.

The Taliban wanted to make sure I never escaped alive the electronic network they built within and outside my body. They confidently got away with stealing my civil and human rights, and to this day are the vicious wardens that keep me in an electronic Gulag, enslaving my body and mind.

After being caught red-handed mutilating my breasts as well as performing or allowing others to carry out the implant of neural probes inside of me, Dr. Pasarell has refused to mitigate any damages. He has not come clean setting forth what he did or allowed others to do with my body during the two-hour surgery under his care that ended up taking seven hours. He refuses to acknowledge the implantation of the IPGs nor the suffering he has perpetrated on me, choosing instead to blame me for the horrible mutilation of my body.

My physical, mental and spiritual fortitude as well as the Grace of God have kept me alive throughout this ordeal.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people in and outside of Puerto Rico (including members of the Medical Licensing board of the Puerto Rico Department of Health) know that Dr. Pasarell carried out and/or conspired with others to carry out outrageous physical aggressions against me, ranging from the mutilation of my breasts to the illegal implantation of a devastating spinal/neural stimulation system without my consent.

24 x 7 the Taliban’s foot soldiers continue to manipulate the IPG’s within my body. From the tip of my head to that of my toes, percutaneous and spinal implants release electric currents that grind my entire being into destruction.

I have sought to no avail law enforcement’s protection to halt the electronic torture that my enemies’ repulsive mercenaries constantly perpetrate against me.

No one — not even the most avant-garde civil rights ‘advocates’ has moved an inch in the protection of my human rights.

After all, most people that don’t bother to understand my convictions and beliefs look the other way thinking: “She doesn’t deserve any help. She’s not one of ours.”

In the meantime, on January 5th I’ll be heading to cut some fresh grass for the camels.



Puerto Rican warrior & targeted individual; fighting for equal environmental rights, one pipe at a time”. “Mi nada, a nadie se lo debo.” Julia de Burgos.

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Ana Toledo

Puerto Rican warrior & targeted individual; fighting for equal environmental rights, one pipe at a time”. “Mi nada, a nadie se lo debo.” Julia de Burgos.