Open Letter to Elon Musk

Ana Toledo
12 min readApr 29, 2022


Dear Mr. Musk:

Congratulations on your recent acquisition of Twitter.

Accomplishing that feat places you among a unique cadre of leaders that will go down in history as free speech warriors whose staunch determination won important battles in the war against censorship.

Along Joe Rogan and the Canadian Truckers, you cleared a mine-laden path that for years has jeopardized the cornerstone of our freedoms: the First Amendment.

And for that, I extend my deepest respect and gratitude.

I trust that the altruistic motivations that you have publicly expressed that moved you to acquire Twitter extend to other realms of your business ventures.

As a result of your acquisition of Twitter, many have taken the liberty of suggesting other ways for you to spend your money.

Instead, I reach out to you in a plea that you consider the risks for society from the indiscriminate distribution and sale of brain implants you intend to manufacture at Neuralink.


Many people are genuinely concerned about the dangerous repercussions making neural implants go mainstream.

An indispensable step in earning the trust of many sectors of the population is the need for Neuralink to adopt unflinching safety mechanisms geared at the protection of unsuspecting victims that could be secretly implanted with brain chips.

Unlike existing companies manufacturing neural implants, Neuralink’s strict adherence to safety protocols designed to preclude the possibility of the unauthorized placement of implants on anyone or their pets would ensure the company doesn’t contribute to the irreparable harm that the secret placing of neural implants causes unsuspecting victims.

As the creator of such powerful artifacts, you are privy to their huge potential to improve a person’s life as well as its unlimited capacity to destroy it.


Born and raised in my beloved island of Puerto Rico, I’m an attorney specializing in environmental law. I sought to work alongside nature in the restorative effort to cleanse of our island’s severely compromised bodies of water. In 2020, I took it upon myself to dedicate the rest of my life to fighting the inordinate sources of pollution jeopardizing their integrity.

Due to the unrestricted discharge of raw sewage and toxics to the waters of Puerto Rico coming out of millons of sources in our precious, highly vascular island, none of our lakes, creeks, or rivers are apt for recreational purposes. Sadly, less than 5% of the beaches meet recreational criteria.

For 20 years, I’ve made it my goal to improve the environmental conditions of environmental justice communities. I’ve advocated for many disenfranchised communities’ right to live without the environmental conditions that nimbyists don’t have to worry about.

Unbeknownst to me, powerful people behind the environmental devastation of our precious water and environmental resources ruthlessly sought to silence my voice and destroy my credibility.

From there that I couldn’t imagine that over two decades ago, I had become a targeted individual.

It wasn’t until the favorable decision of July 2, 2021 in a landmark Clean Water Act case that I argued before the First Circuit Court of Appeals, Cebollero Bertan v PRASA, that the rug was pulled from under me. The increase in what now I have come to know is organized stalking led me to discover over two decades ago, I had become a targeted individual.

The day after I received the opinion, my life’s destruction ensued. It was made possible in great deal due to a neural implant system secretly placed within my body during a January, 2020 cosmetic surgery. In the course of a surgery lasting seven hours instead of the programmed two, criminal operatives clad in scrubs did as they pleased with my body, placing a myriad of implants, cables and artifacts in my head, torso, all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes.

My eyes, throat, and ear canal were not spared, allowing my perpetrators to hear and see through me.

Those Neanderthals stripped me of my human rights, converting me into a virtual slave.

It took a year and a half after the surgery for me to realize that neural implants had been illegally placed inside me. After months of horribly suffering debilitating itching on my face, painful electronic squeezing and whipping of my spinal cord, I discovered the reason behind those symptoms that I had never had before. They came from the electric pulsations that dozens of neural implants throughout my body emitted.

Today my body is still dangerously laden with dozens of intermittent pulse generators, cables, charging contraptions, accessories and devices. I’m at the mercy of nefarious psychopaths that remotely activate them at their whim to inflict torture upon me.

By controlling my thoughts, behavior, bodily functions and emotions with the interface that the artifacts’ manufacturer created for their remote operation, my enemies prepared and tried to achieve my ultimate demise. Attempting to driving me insane, they set the stage to have me involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. This way, they planned to do away with the pesky attorney that no longer what had become of her life, would ultimately succumb to taking her own life.

The neural implants illegally placed within my head and body negatively impacted my behavior and organs, making possible for the “she’s a crazy ho” public relations campaign my adversaries unleashed against me. A tactic traditionally used to discredit successful, independent women, the misogynist publicists destroyed my entire life’s efforts by obliterating my honor, accomplishments, social and professional relations and accolades that took me 54 years to acquire.

I’m the poster child for the havoc that unauthorized neural implants can wreak on people. CT Scan images of my head and neck, as well as MRI images of my breasts are testament to manufacturers’ need to adopt extraordinary safeguards to ensure patient consent before undergoing such a procedure.

Coupled with the vertiginous decline of my body’s once optimal health condition, the horrible and humiliating experiences I’ve gone through during the last two years militate towards the manufacturers of neural implant’s need for their conscientious distribution and sale.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Food and Drug Administration have failed to protect the public from the dangers that unauthorized use and placement of neural implants pose for the general public. FDA has not complied with its legal duty to take the necessary precautions and implement strict authorization and licensing controls ensuring situations like mine don’t transpire.

Likewise, there is no state or federal penal statutory provision that dissuades a manufacturer from supplying the medical devices to anyone with nefarious intentions to place them in unsuspecting victims.

This current lack of statutory or regulatory controls coupled with the absence of corporate ethics in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of these medical devices set the perfect scenario for the criminal placement of dozens of medical artifacts within my body with the sole purpose of my utmost humiliation and ultimate demise.

I’m living proof of the atrocious consequences that these regulatory shortcomings can produce. My life has been devastated at the hands of evil wrongdoers who paid dishonest physicians to fill my body with neural implants extending from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

Aside from the surgically directed emotional and mental abuse my perpetrators inflict upon me daily, the neural implants within my body have stolen from me the enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life.

Every day I’m the victim of torture at the hands of criminal operatives that use their smartphones’ or wi fi capabilities to inflict pain and itching anywhere I go. The GPS capabilities of the neural implants stripped me of my privacy. Thus, at all times my perpetrators know my exact location, allowing them to chase me to the most remote, calm places. Within minutes of arriving anywhere, the malicious thugs appear to discreetly point their smartphones in my direction, activating the probes to inflict torture.

My perpetrators don’t relent in their goal of depriving me of any elusive moment of peace I can aspire to enjoy.

Despite my plight, I’m still standing and relentlessly defiant to defeat my adversaries and one day remove the very last artifact tormenting me.


Estimates place at 20% of the population the number of sociopaths in the United States. A large portion of that group are psychopaths.

I had never been able to fathom or predict the atrocious behavior that can come out of such a sick mind.

Only psychopaths can derive pleasure of the torture to and obliteration of a person through the illegal placing and activation of brain chips.

A careful evaluation of the indicia I failed to readily recognize as clues to my illegal targeting, implanting and spying, I’ve come to identify situations in other people’s lives that tend to indicate that they may also be victims of sabotage by means of the illicit use of secret implants.


My plea for you to implement strict controls preventing physicians’ placement of implants in unconsenting patients extends to the veterinary realm.

Both my pets have been cruelly implanted in many places with artifacts to spy and torture me.

My precious cat Lucy has many artifacts that spy, harass and torture me. I have been able to identify their location because of her constant scratching or licking within the same areas.

Her eyes don’t look like those of all cats that I’ve had since childhood. Her pupils are always dilated. Cats’ eyes can be implanted with cameras that transmit images to their remote operators. My perpetrators see everything in my house through Lucy’s eyes.

Her exaggerated, annoying insistence on interfering with my work contrasts with that of any of my other cats. She hollers in the wee hours of the morning to wake me. She sometimes acts like a remote-controlled robot, inspecting all corners of my room.

Lucy is also equipped with implants that activate the probes within my body. When rubbing herself against me as a sign of her love or because she wants food, she inadvertently tortures me by triggering the probes in my face, producing unbearable itching of my nose.

After observing Lucy’s unnatural behavior, her obsessive proclivity to follow me around the house, and the sudden itching her presence triggered in me, I realized that she had also become a victim of my perpetrators.

Just as the neural implant system secretly placed within me was known to my relatives and dozens if not hundreds of people that kept mum about it, the malicious, secret implants in my cat were no secret to many around me either.

In hindsight, I now understand a former friend’s ridiculous insistence that I “hide the cat” before she came in to my house. She claimed she was afraid of a shy, 7-pound kitty that hid throughout the entire time any stranger like her visited me. My ‘friend’ didn’t want the criminals to hear and see what she did and say. Little did she know that all of my body served as a camera and transmitting device.

My beloved geriatric dog Pelusa is also the victim of implants. She lost her vision in one eye due to the perpetrators attempt at seeing through her eyes. She is also deaf.

Sleeping Pelusa, her right eye blinded due to implants.

During a recent 10-hour sojourn away from the house, my perpetrators implanted her right ear with an artifact to perpetrate torture. When I got home that evening, I saw her discombobulated ear and her frustration at trying to scratch out of it the foreign object she felt and pulsated inside of her.

Since that night, when Pelusa is close to me, she triggers the probes that were placed inside my nose and rectum, causing unbearable itching of the nose and humiliating electronic anal remote rapes.

I believe that the practice of implanting pets to spy on their unsuspecting owners has also become a twisted, pervasive practice around the world.

Take, for example, a situation that one of my favorite content creators, Styxhexenhammer666, has been facing recently. A Vermonter by birth, he currently resides in the Netherlands.

Styx covers a wide array of interesting topics. The dearth of his primarily political content is available on Bitchute, Odysee, Rumbe, Dlive and, despite to his algorithmic demotion within the platform, on YouTube.

He primarily covers political comment from his Libertarian perspective. His charismatic, witty and brilliant delivery has earned him a considerably high following across all platforms.

From there his well-earned, immense capacity to influence popular opinion.

Styx is also an ardent critic of Biden’s administration as well as anything that’s wrong with the United States’ political system: from its foibles in public and foreign policy to unintelligent, hypocritical politicians on both sides of the court.

Within our realms, we ardently defend the precepts of the US Constitution and the First Amendment.

Although Styx is famously popular and has a considerable capacity to influence public opinion that I lack, we both share detractors within a faction of the Democratic Party.

Styx has two cats that have lived with him for a long time. They make constant cameo appearances in his videos. Mellow and loving, the cats are a welcome addition to his presentations.

During the past few weeks, Styx has mentioned in passing the recently acquired, annoying behavior of one of his cats. From preventing him to get a much-needed good night’s sleep to harassing the other cat, the critter’s unusual behavior is consistent with that of my implanted cat Lucy.

Based on my experience, I’m objectively inclined to suspiciously believe that Styx’s cat last visit to the vet could have entailed the placing of brain chips and/or eye cameras with the nefarious goals of spying on his work and annoying him in his otherwise well-balanced life. I urge him to have the cat checked with a different veterinary than the last one he visited.

Back to the reasons that motivated this letter, its relevant to note that people in my position currently lack any legal recourse to stop the torture. The FBI and local law enforcement agencies are not interested in investigating the crimes perpetrated against me 24/7.

The targeting of an estimated 300,000 individuals in the United States is not a phenomenon limited to our nation. Its pervasiveness in Europe has called for some countries such as Belgium to acknowledge the problem it presents and take steps to curtail it.

Unauthorized implants of brain chips on anyone is a vile, atrocious crime.

Congress has been slow to address the nightmare that illegally implanted targeted individuals undergo.

My tragic plight and that of any pet implanted to spy and/or cause harm is a preventable, despicable conduct that has got to stop.

This is why your leadership role in the neural implant realm can make a life or death difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people for generations to come.

Neuralinks’ adoption of strict controls that require any physician to demonstrate the absolute, informed consent of a patient seeking an implant for himself or his pet would be a desirable measure to adopt.

Neuralinks’ adoption of such policies will likely earn the trust of many people skeptical to support its products.

Just as you have demonstrated a commitment to protect the constitutional right to free speech of millions of people around the globe, I urge you that unlike other careless manufacturers that currently place the psyche, organs and lives of many at risk, you take the necessary steps to protect the human rights of targeted individuals, ensuring none of Neuralinks’ products end up secretly implanted in anyone’s body.

With nothing further I remain,


Ana L. Toledo



In September, 2021, I arrived in Houston, Texas to research, draft and file a lawsuit to end the criminal #TargetedIndividual program. I had to give up my beloved pets in adoption.

On January 11, 2023, I filed before the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas on behalf of Targeted Justice and 17 plaintiffs, Targeted Justice v. Garland, an extraordinary lawsuit exposing the criminal ‘Program’ that is the hybrid child of documented CIA’s MK Ultra and FBI’s Cointelpro.

Plaintiffs asked the Court to enter a Declaratory Judgment ordering the removal of innocent citizens from the Terrorist Screening Database, a list that was concocted as as a human experimentation roster. Currently, the case is on appeal before the Fifth Circuit. I urge you to check out the lastest filings here:

I will never stop my quest to seek justice for the estimated 6 million #TargetedIndividuals around the world.



Ana Toledo

Puerto Rican warrior & targeted individual; fighting for equal environmental rights, one pipe at a time”. “Mi nada, a nadie se lo debo.” Julia de Burgos.